With Robust IT Security and Privacy Strategies, Formative Enables Secure Data Collection and Exchange

As a leader in the EdTech world, Formative places great importance on protecting its members and itself against external threats and malicious insiders.

Editorial Team
June 23, 2022

As a leader in the EdTech world, Formative places great importance on protecting its members and itself against external threats and malicious insiders that, in the words of the company’s Data Privacy Officer Dr. Robert W. Stewart, necessitate “a global drive towards greater data protection and ultimate accountability.” This drive shapes the company’s IT Security and Data Privacy strategy, which emphasizes the detection, analysis, and response to data-privacy and information-security threats.

As Dr. Stewart notes, “our comprehensive data privacy strategy follows industry best practices and aligns with all applicable national and international privacy laws. Most importantly, our program is proactive, rather than reactive.” In order to provide appropriate risk governance, Formative employs a three-lines-of-defense model. This model organizes risk-management activities across Formative’s business units that own and manage risk, performs independent-risk oversight functions, and conducts external audits.

Furthermore, Formative requires confidentiality and nondisclosure from all those who work for and with Formative. All Formative employees undergo background checks and sign a non-disclosure agreement, and on an ongoing basis, all employees undertake privacy and security training. Our customers also regularly audit Formative, and we value the feedback from our customers.

Should Formative learn of a data breach, our policy is to follow our Incident Response Plan and notify our members without undue delay. Formative also has a designated Privacy and Compliance Committee that meets quarterly to both ensure data integrity and review our comprehensive list of policies and standards. 

It all comprises a strategy that, according to Dr. Stewart, “is simply the right thing to do. Yes, laws and regulations guide the way, but if an organization truly wants to thrive, it must gain and retain the trust of its partners and clients.” With these measures in place, Formative puts that trust top of mind.

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